Banned Characters in TW causing reset

Uhhhh... If you were planning on banning the characters in TW, it would be nice if they didn't still appear on my roster. Every time I accidentally select one of these toons, it just gives a reset message. The point of banning toons should mean that they aren't available in my roster upon entering TW. Perhaps, this was overlooked? Personally, I would've thought this through if I were thinking of implementing this change. Quite a pain in the behind. Now, I have to go over all the banned toons, write it down, and personally go out of my way to not select them. Being a Revan owner, I was already unhappy with this TW. This goes even further to add to the frustration rather than make it "fun". The character that I accidentally tried was Nightsister Zombie. Took me a minute to figure out why it kept resetting. Sheesh. Cmon CG!


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