Trying to set TW squad crashes game

Basically the title. I was able to set a fleet defense but every time I try and set a squad defense the game crashes with error code 9.0

I thought this TW was supposed to have certain characters removed but they are all available for me to select. Did my game not update properly?


  • Feel free to merge this with the "Banned Characters in TW Causing Reset" thread - sounds like the same issue.
  • Yes all my characters are available in the box on the left. I also have no verbiage of any kind that there are character restrictions - if not for the forums I would have no idea why my game is crashing.

    At least I can work around this by looking up who the restrictions are and avoiding them but many players will not know to do this.
  • TVF
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    I haven't looked at the panel on the left but in squad builder the banned toons are red as if they'd already been used, so you could do that as well.
  • Kyno
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    Interesting, I'm not seeing the ban toons.

    Using squad builder those toons are red, I can select the team but they are excluded.

    So it seems to be working correctly. I suggest you report this to Answers HQ to help isolate the issue.
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