Chewie vs. Poe

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Surprised this hasn't been asked but who's the better tank who should people who are new to the game be investing in?


  • You will be able to star chewy faster, but I don't know who is better for your team. As ghat depends on you team. I would pick 5 easily farmable toons and level them as quickly as possible. The higher in GW and Arenas you get to daily will help you out farming other toons in the future.
  • New players start out with a three star Chewie... I would keep him as my tank, level his gear to 6, and focus on farming your main team. Poe may be good (hasn't been determined yet as far as I'm aware) but using Chewie is essential for new player team development and level progression.. In my opinion of course.
  • Chewie is probably better for missions since he has a self heal. Poe may be better for Pvp... Leaving those who burn him down vulnerable, but it's hard to know for sure until people start gearing him up.
  • Poe is meant to die pretty much. He has super low HP. He pretty much uses his one taunt, gets hit 1 or 2 times and hope that any enemies got exposed. one of the best benefits of chewie is that he can take a ton of damage, and then heal himself. He's a much better Tank. Also 5555's is great.
  • Poe took some hits when I used him on 5-L, but yeah he dropped fast. I agree he'd be better in the arena. I plan to stash him in GW too for the later fights, use his taunt to draw and expose and destroy the team with Maul, Sid, Lando AOE.
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