185m guild looking for a new member to join the team!

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Ewokolypse Prime is looking for a new teammate to join our ranks!

What we are looking for:
2.5m+ GP
600 tickets
Full participation in TB, following combat wave and deployment instructions
Full participation in TW. We can chat about whether you prefer offense or defense and work out a strategy from there
Discord is a must

About us:
185m GP
45* in LS TB, 47* in DS TB
Successful strategy and fully active in TW
All raids on heroic and we rotate raid times throughout the week to accommodate players from all countries
Rancor: 8am, 9pm, and 2pm EST
HAAT: 8pm, 12 noon, and 8am EST
HSTR: 7am and 7pm EST

We use discord to chat about the game, life, and of course, memes

We are a mix of players from all over the world, with a majority from the US and Europe. Guild reset is 5:30pm EST (6:30 once DST changes back)
We have an absence channel that you can post in if RL ever picks up and you need to miss a day or two
We are big believers in playing the game to have fun, but also take it seriously enough to be successful. We have no drama and extremely low turnover

*We are part of the Ewokolypse alliance - Guilds are self-managed and members do not move between guilds. Our discord channel is our own and consists of our members with a few guests.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining, please contact EmoKidSkills or Bossak at EmoKidSkills#8221 or Bossak#6340
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