Rebel Fighters in Falcon event!



  • Demon4x4 wrote: »
    Bodhi Rook, pilot, is sitting out there with nothing to fly.

    Plus, here are already a few generic rebels they could easily throw on a ship: Hoth Rebel Scout, Hoth Rebel Soldier, Scarif Rebel Pathfinder.

    Or maybe add Nien Nunb.

    They could just give bodhi the stolen cargo ship that R1 used in the final assault.
  • Nien Neub has not been used yet and appears quite a bit in ROTJ, Tycho Celchu, Wes Jansen, Hobbie Klivian, While they were all fleshed out more in the extended universe they all had appeared in the OT at different points which makes any of them more relevant than half of the ships and pilots we already have.

    Yeah, but apparently is canon now that Hobbie died at Hoth :/

    Then again didn't stop Biggs from getting one of the best ships, so yeah bring in Rogue Squadron!
  • HK22 wrote: »
    Hera would not work for the actual B-Wing model since she flew the prototype. If you allowed her to do the B-Wing, then Wedge Antilles should be allowed to pilot the A-Wing since he flew one constantly as a member of Phoenix Squadron.

    Based off of Rebels, you could give Hobbie the A-Wing instead of Crynrd or Celchu..........but lets throw the EU a bone shall we?

    Yes lets Wes Janson, Hobbie, and Kasen Moore
  • Zzyymm wrote: »
    Dk_rek wrote: »

    ok, that's just plain cool. I don't know if this works well, but I want it

    Hello, what have we here?
  • Imriel wrote: »
    I'd love to see Shara Bay being introduced, or Tallie Lintra, for A-Wing.

    There are many great possibilities out there, but I think they might just go with general "rebel pilot". They did the stupid "Resistance Pilot" for the X-Wing already, when they could've put Snap Wexley or Nien Numb.

    Or the other members of Black Squadron
  • Monel wrote: »
    Ephran wrote: »
    Monel wrote: »
    The real problem is this;
    Xwing looks like an x
    Awing looks like an a
    Ywing looks like a y
    Bwing looks like t, but why?

    It's short for "Blade Wing"

    Why yes, yes it is. Doesnt change what I said though lol.

    I didn't say it did, you asked why and I answered.
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