HAAT phase 1

My guild rolled the dice on our first try at heroic, but all the big guns burned out in phase 1.
From lower tiers, we tend to fly after phase 1, so looking for help on getting over that hill.
My eligable squads are:
Phoenix (zSabine)
FO: zKru, zKR, FOE, FOST, FOO/Phasma

Random toons: Fulcrum, AA, R2, Biggs (but not wedge yet); BH: AS, BF, CB, Greedo (Bossk work in progress).

I tend to use Phoenix phase 2, FO phase 4.

Any advice on ftp farmable toons to get the guild a head start on phase 1?


  • I believe zeta kylo ren can do p1 by himself, it just requires escaping before grievous reaches enrage and then going in again. rinse repeat. try searching on YouTube for it there's probably some videos there.
  • Perhaps just need gear. Kru gear 12, all others circa 9 or 10
  • DuneSeaFarmer
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    CLS + Han Solo can clear it, IF you or a guild mate have them.
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  • Naraic
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    In phase 1 in heroic you should never lose a character when trying to get the raid on farm.

    Retreat trick is very important.

    Here is a video explaining the retreat trick with masked kylo. Zavage can do the same thing. It goes much quicker with cls though.
  • Or dathcha lead, CLS and raid Han in p1.. it's fun lol
  • Waqui
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    Or dathcha lead, CLS and raid Han in p1.. it's fun lol

    This. If any of your guild members have those 3, he can solo the phase. Make sure to keep buff imunity on Grievous and don't use Han's stun on Grievous (unless you are absoloutely sure, it's not the 7th attack). In my experience adding Rex and QGJ to the team makes it easier to solo the whole phase (until your other 3 chatacters are well geared and modded).

    Does anyone in your guild have C-3P0 at rank 7? 3P0, zFinn, BB8, CLS and Zolo can solo the whole raid. Alternatively, Ackbar lead, BB8, Thrawn/HY, CLS and zAsajj can solo fases 3 and 4.
  • Thanks for the thoughts.
    Some in guild have cls and done have raid solo. Not sure who had both.
    I was short of toons for cls this time, but may go all out on them ready for next time. Had been working on OR, but too slow to farm I think for next revan anyway.
    We do heroic pit easily enough, so solo not too far for me
  • Totally wrong approach, sorry.
    You must use CLS alone for phase 1 of HAAT, with multiple escapes. This will clear the hase with zero characters dead.
    Start your escape attempts when enrage has a cooldown of 8-9.
  • Naraic
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    Phase 1 haat cls retreat trick.
  • Airplane mode and retreat with CLS is pretty easy to solo P1, just need to make sure he can get out before Enrage kicks in, is a pain but if that is where you are struggling, is worth the time to get through the phase, Good luck with your next attempt, just make sure you dont get into P2, as need CLS for the ABC team to solo P3 & P4
  • If like me you like annoying GG, I love running my Bastila squad and watch his repeated debuffs fail lol
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  • Been practising with FO escape at lower tier. Getting the hang of it
  • Yeah I agree with the post about using only cls. Retreat when possible. If one guild mate can do the whole phase with this method you won't lose any toons. I did this for two months until others learned. Then needed 5 or 6 finn lead resistance to get through phase 2 if each player get their 20%ish. Then the akbar lead thrawn, bb8, cls, ventriss. To get phase 3 and all or allot of phase 4.
  • Sometime rng won't let cls escape. But start trying when you get 7 on the enrage counter.
  • Phase 1 - anyone with CLS
    Phase 2 - FO and Resistance led by zFinn (FO can do 50% when decently modded and geared)
    ABC + Thrawn + Asajj/YOLO can finish the rest.
  • Thinking of building a YOLO squad for fun
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    I do it with Brotini; Dathcha, CLS and Han. I think they upgraded GG. After the rework because now I can't clear it with that team. KRU got whacked.
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