NS Phases 2-4

Wondering if anybody could help

I watched the below video of Nightsisters soloing most of p2 and all of p3 and p4. A guy that used to be in our guild managed to do all of p2,3 and 4 but wouldn't share any details on how he did it. It looks like the key to getting the start is to get TM loaded on the middle cannon for an immediate kill. What is the best way to do it?


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    Well, this looks like the same strategy people use in p3 Sith. You can see from p3 here that the majority of damage comes from after enrage. My guess (I don't use NS that much or Talzin lead) is that at the end of p2, you wouldn't topple. Keep killing one of the side guns when you need to rez everyone snd let it come back. As long as Talzin or Daka stayed alive, maybe it could work.

    But the video of p3 looked super annoying though. This looks super time consuming and would require more concentration than some of the other tank solo teams out there.
  • P3 and 4 are pretty easy with Akbar lead CLS BB8 Thrawn and Young Han, you can swap young han for zAssaj but Han doesnt need to be highly geared his offense increases every time he takes a turn with protection up, by p4 you can hit 500k-1m+ dmg per shot (old picture but you get the idea) 4i9awheh9ocj.png
  • I always used the Ackbar, BB8, CLS, Thrawn, Ventress team when I was trying to do P2-4. It's pretty easy, and fairly forgiving on gear/speed requirements since you can stack ventress' damage in P3 where you can manage the B2's TM with CLS/Thrawn. It also has the benefit of easily swapping in Hoda/Yolo once you get them to 7* for a full solo. If you're trying a pure NS team, then it'll probably be a little more challenging (and maybe take a few restarts) since the whole deathstorm thing can be fairly RNG dependent, and they don't have any TMR under Talzin. I'd try to knock out 2 of your NS at the start of P2, then topple the tank with specials, spool up Ventress' offense with all the revives on basics, then once the tank gets up from topple kill the turrets with Ventress' special again. Make sure you are modding Ventress with a CD set, CD triangle, and Offense cross at a minimum. 6E mods will help, but aren't required.
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