Improve The Game's Gameplay

Can you please improve the game, it's boring and repetitive and it's full of microtransactions and the UI too cluttered and also remove the auto battle option it's stupid you don't even play the game, you can add an option to auto resolve the battle before you start it


  • Liath
    5140 posts Member
    Lol what? If you want to suggest improvements consider being more specific.

    As for auto, there are times when you want to (a) target opponents during auto, which can be done, or (b) auto for only part of the fight and manually fight certain portions. So no.
  • Why exactly do you play the game? Doesn’t seem you like anything about it.
  • It’s a sandbox collection game, much like collectible card games and other physical collection games (like Warmachine or Warhammer 40k). If you don’t enjoy those you won’t enjoy this.

    You must be a new-ish player or not a regular player (i.e., log in at each store refresh) to not want an auto battle function. End-game and veteran players need it, especially for raids they farm just for gear.
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