Known Issues 1/18/2019

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Here are the Known Issues for 1/18/2019 and and an update on C-3PO's unique.

Known Issues
  • Grand Arena - Some players who reach level 85 on the day when Grand Arena is in the Joining phase and prior to Player Lock are receiving an error when trying to join Grand Arena
  • Han's Millennium Falcon - A bug is causing Han's Millennium Falcon to not be able to be counter attacked even when it's the last ship remaining
  • Han's Millennium Falcon - Han's Millennium Falcon can have Taunt applied by Endurance ("Hold Fast") or Geonosian Spy's Starfighter ("Repulsor Array - Ruse") and can be targeted even when there are other ships Taunting
  • Carth Onasi’s Leadership - We mentioned previously that we would be fixing Carth Onasi’s Leadership and preventing extra assists that occur in multi-battle encounters. We plan to release this fix in the next update.
  • Daily Login Error - We confirmed this to be visual bug and rewards were sent out correctly. We are working to resolve this but you may still see this issue if you change time zones.
  • TW Crash - We are investigating what is causing a small number of players to crash. We believe it’s due to some players being able to ready banned characters but cannot bring them into battle.
  • Stormtrooper Quest - In the quest "Endor Allies" part 2, the objective should count various types of Stormtroopers (Stormtrooper Scout, Stormtrooper Commander, and Stormtrooper) instead of just Stormtrooper. We are fixing this bug and it will make this part of the quest a lot easier to complete. However, this will reset the current progress on this specific part of the "Endor Allies" quest. Keep in mind that this will not affect anyone who had already completed with this part of the quest. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Han’s Millenium Falcon: Outmaneuver - Han’s Falcon is able to be targeted if his allies are stealthed even if the Millenium Falcon has the Outmaneuver buff

Working as Intended
  • C3PO Baffling Trick - We have reviewed the reports that C-3PO’s Basic, Baffling Trick, is not reducing cooldowns when a character has 3 stacks of the unique buff, Confuse, in some cases. After investigating, this is working correctly as ability cooldowns decrease at the end of a unit’s turn. What is happening in this scenario is that using the basic ability increases the cooldown to 1, then the cooldown naturally decreases back to 0 at the end of the turn. If a unit is not called to assist and does not counter attack, their cooldowns essentially stay at the same value they had when they started this "cooldown loop" from the 3rd stack of Confuse. In this situation, once the character uses their special ability it will go on cooldown and stay at 1 less than its max cooldown.
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