We need more guild triage options

Yeah,we leave our guild open,seems to work better than with invites,with invites nobody really applies for some reason.

But with leaving it open theres a 1/10 chance that somebody good will pop up,that has our required levels.

Untill then,we have to deal with leeches a lot.

Players that in no way deserve or have to be in our guild.

Why can't we have a ban put in place so nobody below 2 mil or having certain key characters required so that they cannot join our guild with...no RJT,no CLS,no Bastilla,no nothing...?

Also it would be great adding timezone restrictions,we have many US players joining that don't even speak our language and hope we just let them be as leeches.

Even if we wanted to help them,if they can't speak our language ,integrating in our ambiance will be extremely hard,not even accounting that 90% of US players won't be able to hit our raids.

Canada is better,especially quebec,but still hard.
We need more options to restrict leeches
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