HAAT solo in 24 minutes.

I figured this team out and wanted to share. Works really well and p1 is a breeze if played correctly. I could even better my time if I ramped up my Wampa's damage as he only is set at 3700 right now.


  • nice man, that's fast. will give it a try in a couple hours. any tricks to p1?
  • Yup. Don't add translation to wampa in p1 and only use Finn's heal. Han and cls will take care of things. Kill off the other droids. In my run GG went twice.
  • hmm... couldn't get it going with wampa. bb8 seems easier in p1
  • Did you add translation to wampa? If you did it doesn't work. Han, cls and Finn should all attack then han attacks again when called by 3po. GG should not have enough turn meter to go if Han's TM removal worked. Repeat over and over.

    In all finn teams you should never use Finn's attacks. Only heal. Han should never use his middle ability either. I prefer to leave Luke with his buff up for extra DMG. Try not to attack with wampa.
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    I tried this team out today. Didn't keep close eye on the time, but from what I could figure, was about 22-23 minutes start to finish.

    P1 was no problem at all (much easier than ABC team) and I absolutely had translation on Wampa. Han and CLS should remove tm whether Wampa assists or not. So I'm not sure why you wouldn't want him assisting for more damage. Yes, Grievous gets a lot of dots, but Confusion prevents him from getting the buff and going in a loop. In fact, the danger level on p1 seemed so low that I think a full auto is possible--although there is the added danger of Finn attacking and triggering a 7th hit, so it would have to be tried.

    By the end of p2, the tank had 103 dots (though the mass assist that killed it could have landed the 104th).
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    Rng can get you with wampa in P1. Chance of him counting as 7th hit is there just like Finn.

    Glad it worked for you.
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    do you just put confusion on gg until he has three, then use c3's ulti-attack call? zetas on c3po? Can you describe the first moves/order/etc? thanks. cool find. op. and @crazydroid I love me some wampa
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
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    GG will get 3 stacks of confusion without you even really trying.
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    B0baf3tt wrote: »
    Rng can get you you with wampa in P1. Chance of him counting as 7th hit is there just like Finn.

    Glad it worked for you.

    I think I see what you're saying now--don't want wampa assisting so he doesn't give himself tm and take a turn. That makes sense. Although on my run I found Grievous taking a few turns was no big deal. Everyone was able to survive and cleanse themselves. I liked the wampa damage because it just killed him off fast.
  • Order of attack is to kill b2 off. Control TM on GG with han and cls until spare droids are dead and spam away with c3po on GG. Clear droids again whenever called.
    I would suggest not adding translation to Wampa in P1 as things can get much harder but not impossible. I had to restart before as GG went to much when I added translation to him.
    Never attack with Finn when he gets a turn. Only use his heal.
    Never use hans middle ability on GG.
    Auto p2-p4.
  • I ran this team instead of my usual (BB8 instead of wampa) tonight.

    Phase 1 seemed to be of similar difficulty, but it was faster. I alternated between giving Wampa translation and then not giving it, switching every time GG got a turn, summoned the Adds and b2 got of his mass dispel.

    Can’t say I noticed any difference either way for how frequently GG got a turn.

    P2-4 is as trivial as with BB8, but definitely quicker.
  • crzydroid
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    I tried this afternoon not giving Wampa translation. I also found that he gained frequent turns anyway just because of the tm he gets from CLS.

    So it seems better to give it to wampa and do more damage so you can kill it without GG taking too many turns.
  • Tried it as well, took me 23 minutes :D I also didn't give him translation in P1 until about 20% when I benefited more from the damage.
  • Nice run. I got this down to 22 minutes with better mods but I prefer to leave my good mods on my arena team. Either way it is super quick compared to anthing else I've seen.
  • This squad makes me so happy
  • Is this still viable after the Finn nerf?
  • jkray622
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    Shouldn't be. Finn's leadership won't even trigger turn meter if a non-resistance member (like Han or CLS) pops an expose...so my educated guess is "no."
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