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hi , my name is Mehmet Aker and my ally code is : 131 - 396 - 561 . I am from Turkey , im playing star wars galaxy of heroes, i have an idea about a new raid , i want to share it with you . Think a raid that is playing with ships against ''death star'' . With rebel ships and ackbar ' s cruiser . But there must be commander luke skywalker's rebel ship . Phase 1 : fighting against tie fighters and darth vader's cruiser in open space . Phase 2 : fighting against cannon balls and ion balls what top of the death star . Phase 3 : fighting against more tie fighters and ion balls on the death star . Phase 4 : fighting with defens of the way of the reactor , there are vader's fighter and tie fighters , when this phase completed cinematic movie will come and we will destroy the Death Staaaar ☺️ . . . you can upgrade and add something on this idea , please give us this beautiful raid . . .
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