My GW Experience

Galactic War is designed to chip away at single teams and force multiple teams to work together to complete it. If you are having trouble, ensure you have a deep enough roster.

Usually I need:
-My arena team: (lvl 68)
-My respectable, but not arena ready, B team: (lvl 65)
-Two assassin teams, designed to take out 1-2 characters from a team that would otherwise decimate my arena team. (Lvl: 60)
-Three lowbie teams that eat up opening cooldowns from tough teams. (Levels 50 to 1)
-I also have 2 lvl 65 "float" characters to fill in holes for teams that lost characters. I use JC and Eeth Koth to fill empty spots.

I always try a battle with my main team. If the opening volley is too rough, I retreat and throw a sacrificial lowbie team in to eat up the first cooldowns on moves like force pushe, team attack, taunt, buff, and AoE.

With the initial moves out of the way I throw my arena team back in. If the battle still causes too many losses to my main team, I retreat and throw in an assassin team to take out the Sids, Dookus, Dakas, Tie Pilots, etc. This team is not designed to clear the enemy team, only weaken it.

With thsee rosters and strategies, I complete GW 95% of the time. Bariss and Luminara on one team are really helpful as well. I also worked to unlock and gear as many healers as posible to extend the life on my top 2 teams.

Unfortunately, if you rushed you arena team to lvl 70 without leveling many other characters, it may take a bit of time leveling the rest of your roster to get through GW successfully...
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