Include land units in character battles ea: like Ewok event

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So, I've. Brought this up before, but was org a suggestion for land units vs. land units , but thinking about it more , would love to see land units put into the mix ! Like the Ewok event ,. It both sides . Or even make it were characters have options to equip into one of their well know vehicles. That way we still get to relate to the characters and experience a little more about what it is to be that character. Think this would certainly add to the theory crafting and strageties. Thoughts?


  • Good thing English is my first language cuz that was tough to read.. but from what I can see you’re saying CG should input land vehicles with characters known to drive them?

    It’d be a logistical nightmare. They would have to add another currency in game for land vehicles not to mention tie characters to possible vehicles. Other than the AT-ST you mentioned that shows up for the Ewok event, the only other vehicle I can think of that’d work is the AT-AT. More characters are known for the starships they’re tied to. Hence Star Wars.
  • I brought it up right after ships was introduced. A whole new game mode. Could have the AT-ST, Ewoks on their speeders, pod racers, etc. Could be a lot of fun.
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  • No. Just another level of depth and time sink having to farm and upgrade another type of character, in this case vehicle..

    also doesn't help that there aren't nearly as many "poe damerons X-wings" or "slave 1"(named/familiar equipment used by same character through same movie/multiple movies).
  • Yeah , I hear you on the farming. I wouldn't be crazy about having to farm more , but would like something like this instead of a gear 13 . Plus it wouldn't have to be everyone, just few characters. Maybe 1 or so per faction. As for my English, sorry my second language is tired Daddy. Lol
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