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Have a spot opening up. Looking for active laid back individuals who enjoy playing this game.

Here is some info about us.

New Jedi of the High Ground is a guild filled with experienced gamers. We run HRR @ 6pm cst (3 times a week), HAAT @ 8pm cst (2-3 times a week) & HSTR (1-2 times a week). We all participate in TB & TW. Currently getting 41-42 stars. It's a great chance to grow, learn and help others. We have 140+ mil gp. I'm fine tuning and turning this guild into a great one. We are a very chill guild, but organized and hard working. Very active. No drama. Our main goal is to have fun!

We average 27-28 thousand raid tickets daily. We are a very team oriented guild. Growing very quickly. The only rules are 24 hrs joining period, try for 500-600 raid tickets, and be active in all areas of the game to the best of your abilities.

Here is our discord & my ally code if you are interested.


Discord JediMaster23#4029

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