Officer rewards

I'm a guild leader with an incredible group of officers.
I wish there a way to reward them.
Maybe give the leader gear or something like that to send to each of there officers.


  • Kyno
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    too open to abuse.

    titles could be a thing, since they have no bearing on the game.
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    send them a google gift card
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    LoL, wish I had the money for that. That would be nice.
  • Liath
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    Tell them to request the gear and donate it to them?
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    Good idea
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    We should be able to gift gear, up to 2-3 pieces per day, why not.
  • leef
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    VesperVDH wrote: »
    We should be able to gift gear, up to 2-3 pieces per day, why not.

    that's already ingame; "gear exchange"
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    In my case, I‘m Leader as well. My Officers are incedible as well. But I think we should have more titles. In my opinion there in the game it should be follow titels:
    1. Leader [1 person; he/she has the right to do every setting-decision for the guild]
    2. Leader deputy [1x person; he/she has the same rights like the leader. But if the leader is not available anymore, because not playing anymore (example 28 days), the first officer will get promoted to the leader. The first officer can do the promotion after the 28 days by him self. That gives the guild a continous leadership without starting to build a new guild and destroy them by this way. The deputy can also delete members.]
    3. First Officer [1 person; he / she has the same rights like the leader and leader deputy; after being first officer he can be promoted to leader deputy by the actual leader. He/she can delete members as well]
    4. Common officers, like yet. They can do settings like yet but not delete members.

    The advantage of this hierarchy is to have a contignous leadership. We had the problem twice in swgoh, that we would like to change the leader (because no interest / time anymore / offline) but we couldn‘t set a new leader because of the actually game configuration. Compared to other games (for example elves vs. dwarves) that could be improved. Is tha possible?

    Best regards
    MasterLoki, HELVETIC First Order
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