Embo effectiveness in chewie event

Has anyone bothered to use embo in the chewie event yet? I'm currently looking into rebuilding my bounty hunter team replacing my cad bane and greedo for perhaps jango fett and embo. Embo can dispel buffs with his basic and when Zeta'd becomes immune to critical hits but I want to know if he's worth the trouble


  • I'd say so I run a boba (L), Bossk, Jango, Aurra, and Dengar team only have chewie at six stars because Jangos a pain to farm but he's a pretty good lead if you zeta him and he's very similar to boba except his shrapnel blast (like execute) is a semi-AoE ability but I'd say it's worth your time as for Embo I'm not farming him and it's too late to turn back for me so I can't help you there.
  • Embo is worth the trouble, even if it isn't for the Chewie event.

    Dispels on basic, immune to crits, damage thru protection, recovers protection, extra turn on crits? Yes please.
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  • Who are you using for the rest of your team?
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