Veteran smuggler pack missing

Hi all, firstly let me mention I have purchased this before and have just found out you can only purchase it once ever, Is this accurate?

I was under the wrong impression you could purchase it once each time it came to the store eg not buy 5 in a row, but was wondering where the harm comes in if u can purchase it 2 or 3 time a tear when it’s in the shop.

I had planned to purchase it and get jtr but that is not to be this time around unless there’s some small hope it pops up in the shop again, would think this is a good little money maker and am happy to part with my money lol, please take it.


  • It's once only per account. Unfortunately, I can't see them changing that.
  • So wait, you purchased it once before, decided not to finish farming the vets, and hedged bets on purchasing the exact same pack again?

    Crystal packs can always be purchased ad nauseum. Cash packs have always been one and done.
  • Yup that’s exactly what I did, oh well lesson learned I guess, back to farming vets.
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