When will they fix the crashes/restarts?

When will EA/CG address the problem of the game crashing and needing to restart? It doesn't impact everyone, but for those that it does impact, it's huge. I just had the game crash on me twice in GA. First time, I lost my CLS team. Second time, my Traya team. Now I just lost this GA round, when I should have won. Crashes also happen when starting up arena/fleet battles, so it causes the need for crystal refreshes.

It's been reported, but nothing done. I have respectfully mailed @CG_SBCrumb a few times, with no response. If a community manager won't even respond, what exactly will it take? This isn't an isolated incident, as I know others that it happens to. So exactly what does it take to get someone to actually look into a significant issue that impacts gameplay for people?


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