Farming Road Map v6.0 - Pillar System Update

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Hey Everyone!!!

The Farming Road Map keeps getting more and more users, and now that Warriors Video is out with his new Pillar System there is even more people joining the Community.

Warrior F2P Guide for 2019

What's new in that version:

The new Pillars of Warrior have been added, and the way he's doing things now my sheet is perfect for it as it shows you where to farm everything the same way he's doing it now.

For mobile users there is now an option to use an Auto-Refresh that should update your sheet about once a day (The refresh tries every 6 hours but []( normally updates once a day).

If you have any questions you can join our Discord Server

What is the Farming Road Map:

It's a Google Spreadsheet that helps keeping focus on what you're farming.

It uses Warriors Pillars System at the beginning, but you can Configure each Pillars the way you want if you already have done different things. It's possible to customize it to your own needs or maybe the needs of your guild mate.


  • GnatSwarm
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    edited January 26
    Thank you for this! I have been using previous versions, and I'm looking forward to using this version as well!
  • Just got this last night. Much appreciated and love using it! Likeing the auto refresh too!
  • First, thanks for this. Second, will it break anything if I put filters in at the top to sort/filter out all my 7* characters? Could this maybe be a saved feature on the next one if us doing it locally will break the functions running behind the scenes?
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