Mandalorian Vanguard, 550mil, Looking for 1

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Mandalorian Vanguard, 550 mil GP, Predominately US based with an Est reset time.
- Looking for players at least Kyber 3.
- 600 daily tickets expected.
- Clear and concise officer direction provided for guild events.
- TB: 37 stars, 40 Reva shards, Zeffo & Mandalore.
- TW: Realistically competitive, around a 65% win rate.
- Raid: 424mil+ rewards tier, players expected at least 8.8 mil scores.

**The Vanguard** cluster: (5 guilds ranging from 270 mil to 550 mil, US and EU)
* No specific roster requirements.
* Friendly, chill group Discord server packed with resources for every event.
* Join The Vanguard now at

Contact at jrodfantastic (288-732-668), or
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    Maybe let's bump this back up to the top of the list!
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    Looking for Zeffo & Mandalore ready players who are currently prepping for the upcoming Naboo raid.
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