IG-86 Possible issue with Team-Up attack

This may be by design, but thought I would post in the case that it is not. When IG-86 uses Assassin Droid Tactics skill and the randomly chosen ally is stunned then no follow-up occurs. My thought is that it shouldn't be able to randomly choose someone who is stunned and if the skill is used it should only be possible for non-stunned allies to be chosen. If all remaining allies are stunned, then of course no follow-up would occur. But having this choose the one stunned ally when you have 3 others who are not stunned is kind of annoying. Again if this is by design then I understand, but I have a hard time believing the droid would ask for back up from someone who is currently not even moving ;)


  • Thats a great idea. Also, when he KO's a target with his first shot using the Droid Tactics skill, the second character's turn is wasted because IG86 will always leave them with 1HP. I think if IG86 KO's the first target, another one should be chosen for the assist? Maybe this too is by design and you just have to make sure you don't waste all those damage points..
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