Is Nightsister Initiate the counter to RG ?

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Just a thought I had right now - Nightsister Initiate has Buff Immunity, just like Anakin. If I target a RG with her and the Buff Immunity applies, will his taunt not be triggered ?


  • Lamb
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  • Trouble being that her immunity is unreliable to say it softly, and directly annoying to say it clear. It barely ever procs+score. Either doesn't proc at all or gets resisted most of the time.
  • NSI's buff immunity almost never procs at all.
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  • Elinad
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  • Also RG's tenacity is 77% at max gear and 7* so it might not even stick.
  • Achilles
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    I would rather try QGJ/Asajj/Teebo/who ever else is able to remove already applied buffs ...

    Nightsisters initiate's buff immunity is like Dookus double stun ... if you once see it, mark the day red in your calendar!
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