Undefeated GA Rosters

I am currently undefeated in the bottom GP bracket for GA and am wondering what other overall rosters are still undefeated.

I am running a little over 40% of my GP in ships. So far my team build order has been:
Phoenix, Nightmare Empire, NS, Old Republic, Bounty Hunter/unlock CLS

Here is my roster:

So far everyone I have gone against who rushed CLS and the standard legendary route has been easy prey and I am curious if other people are seeing that too or if I have just gotten lucky with matches so far.


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    I have lost 1 match so far.


    Whilst I am not a lot higher than you in GP, I have began to note an increase in quality.

    I suspect that NS for example shuts down a lot of newer players who have not developed teams that can touch it. No disrespect to you, but you will find that your sisters on defense will start getting shot in the head by Veers armed with silver bullets ;) and or other teams that can take sisters.

    The key for me, has been whilst being careful about GP find intelligent ways to use my A- and B tier teams.

    I am very excited to deploy; HK47/L3/T3/IG88/IG86 and Ahsoka Fulcrum/R2/Leia under Ackbar lead on offence could be very potent as well.

    But yes, I digress i'm expecting that as we increase our GP we will start going against people who have intelligently modded all of their teams and have counter teams.
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    Pentagon wrote: »

    No disrespect to you, but you will find that your sisters on defense will start getting shot in the head by Veers armed with silver bullets ;) and or other teams that can take sisters.

    Why would I put my Jedi eaters on defense?
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    I'm still undefeated, my strategy so far has been to mix my strongest teams between offense and defense. If my arena team is better than theirs, I'll put it on defense in front and they'll sometimes have to put three or four battles into it, which leaves them with nothing left for my really grindy teams like zBossk, Qira/Nest, zKRU, etc. in the back. You have to compare your rosters beforehand and try to anticipate what they're going to set and what they're going to save. If you find that right balance, you can still wipe their defense and they won't be able to get through yours. Mods also make an enormous difference, make sure every viable team you have is modded, I see so many people that only worry about modding their arena team, and they end up getting destroyed because they only have one good team.

    Here's my roster:
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    So far outside the 3v3 format I've been undefeated and both 3v3s I've lost the last matchup, one against someone with a more decked out character roster and the other I got sloppy in two attacks and lost by less than 30 banners. My ships make up 44% of my total gp, 800k out of my 1.8m GP.

    The strangest thing about my opponents are their mods (normally way too low on speed) and their lack of focus. The normal gear 12 difference and stronger teams becomes obvious. The way my planning works is scratching one team off at a time till I don't need to touch them besides occasional remodding and my farming plan was the very similar rush towards cls, might of been a bit slower then some.

    My team farm order was: Phoenix/Empire/Rebels/NS/BH with some teams still at gear 8 that were farmed intermittently, troopers/jedi/OR

    My roster anyway: https://swgoh.gg/p/833344574/
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    Undefeated too. Before putting my def. I carefully study my opponent to guess what def i.ll have to fight to keep teams able o beat them.
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    I'm undefeated with this roster.
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    undefeated because i can put JKR on def and win
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    Undefeated as well and haven’t even had any close fights. I’ve only been full cleared once (by a guy who put all level 40 characters on defense and saved his whole roster for offense).

    I am a bit of a whale though and it guarantees me a win. Started late November 2017. 66 g12 and over 300 +10 speed mods. I usually have triple or more speed mods than my opponents, sometimes as much as 10x more as well as double or triple the number of g12s.

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    Started March 2018. Still undefeated. I’ve had a couple decent matches and have had a few where I didnt have the character edge but pulled it out on mods.

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