Screen way too cluttered with buffs/debuffs

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edited January 2019
Title says it all.

There are so many friggin icons cluttering the screen that it’s impossible to read them accurately and it negatively impacts gameplay.

Suggestion: put a single, solid red block or green block above a character if they are debuffed or buffed. Then, place all the buff/debuff icons at the top-right corner of the screen where it shows the character’s avatar. You can then check all buffs/debuffs when you click on a character without trying to segregate 50 icons running into one another.

It was nice when the numbering system was introduced (such as with Zader and DoTs). Let’s evolve to the next logical step, please.


  • Problem is I would have to select each character to see who has what. I dont want to spend every turn selecting each enemy to decide who to attack. Also, this would cause a problem when an enemy is taunting, as I then wouldn't be able to see what the other enemies have.
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