Talia Weirdness

Can EA consider tweaking Talia a bit? Her heal skill is problematic because it damages herself, which the AI handles terribly - if you target her and drop her health down, she'll activate her heal skill, which makes her even worse off. This happens even if the rest of the team is at full health. Yes, there's a turn meter boost, but that's not quite the problem here.

She isn't particularly strong otherwise, and her average health doesn't justify the self-damage - maybe just remove the self-damage?


  • CronozNL
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    I agree. AI doesnt handle it well. I have to say i like the suggestion to remove selfdamage since dark side chars have less healing anyway. Also funny to see her heal someone that has heal block/immune and she wastes her turn by damaging herself instead of healing anything (rest of team is full health). It's easy to exploit.
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  • @cronoznl...yup very ez exploit.
    I agree with above she should just heal and not self damage.
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