Jar Jar Binks kit idea

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Clumsy attack.
Basic: Deal damage to a random enemy. This attack ignores taunt and stealth. Jar Jar recovers 3% health and protection if Jar Jar is debuffed.

Accidental attention.
Special (cooldown 3): Jar Jar Binks gains taunt and defense up for 1 turn. When this taunt expires Jar Jar gains stealth for 1 turn. All allies gain evasion up for 3 turns. Dispel all debuffs from Jar Jar.

Plasma bolt attack.
Special (cooldown 4): Deal damage to all enemies and inflict speed down for 2 turns. If Jar Jar has evasion up he inflicts buff immunity for 2 turns on all buffed enemies.

Dodgy Gungan.
Unique: Jar Jar has 20% evasion, doubled against counter attacks. Whenever he does get counterattacked he gets evasion up for 3 turns and inflicts evasion down for 3 turns on the attacker.

Life debt.
Unique: Jar Jar gains 10 speed for each living ally and 10% offense for each defeated enemy.
If Qui-Gon Jinn is present he also gains these bonuses. Whenever Qui-Gon Jinn is damaged Jar Jar gains speed up and offense for 1 turn and gains 20% turn meter.

I think this makes him a good character without making him OP. The synergy with QQJ would be even better if QQJ got a small buff.
Alignments: Galactic Republic, support.


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