Tw tw tw tw

Hey so howabout some in game details?
It really makes mass pandemonium in our guilds when u guys pull this stuff
(Over n over n over)
I cannot even remember when something dropped perfectly, the first time, With no “oh yeas” or mid event updates
Leadership and event leaders are trying to plan this stuff and then get 49 different peopl over different time zones with different work schedules to execute
Anti bueno!!!

Makes u imagine what the people up there are doing
Scenario1 : “muahaha lookat them trying to play and win! (Chorus of laughter)”

Scenario2: “like hey dude did u update the tw in game text yet?”
“Uhhh not yet man, can u pick up that spoon by my foot? Im sooo tired”
"and i will show you ... where the iron crosses grow..."
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