Add ship energy to home screen

There's a blank space for it, why is it buried 5 clicks deep to find how much ship energy you have?



  • Arguably, ship energy is more important than the mod energy. If I had to choose, I prefer to see ship and cantina first, then regular energy, then mod energy, just because of the relative speed in which they regenerate.
  • My guess would be that it has something to do with the way the home screen was programmed at the very beginning. They only have four slots available to display things like energy, the rest of the space is unusable. It's why they had to take credits off to put mod energy on.
  • It's no wonder players can't take ships seriously- CG doesn't even take it seriously enough to include the energy on the home screen
  • Please make this change, having to click 3-deep just to see how much ship energy I have is annoying.
  • Scroll to the right then tap 'Ships.'
    What is this 3 click madness you speak of?
  • It's one, two touches to scroll, and one more to click ships.
    Or it's click characters, click a toon, click find shards.

    Anyway, it's all more work than necessary as the ship energy should simply be displayed at the top of home with every other energy.
  • Dk_rek
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    Please make this change, having to click 3-deep just to see how much ship energy I have is annoying.

    what ship energy.... should just always assume you have less than 20..unless you take a nap for a day or two then you would have like 20 *wink*
  • While I agree the information should (could?) be on the cantina screen, it's definitely not 5 clicks as you originally posted, nor 3 clicks as you more recently posted. Make the suggestion via the proper channels and keep your lightsabers crossed that the powers that be are receptive.
  • It is exactly 3 clicks, or 2 if your screen is big enough and you can drag over to ships in one press.
  • click quests, 1 click.
  • Oh nice, but still not as nice as 0 clicks.
  • Ravenclaws, great tip.
    We've gone from 5 clicks to 3 to 2 to 1. Progress!
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