145m GP HSTR Guild 48/50 - (SE) Galactic Hunters

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145mil GP guild (Note this is the 2 zeta on a loss and 3 zeta on a win TW bracket)
42/45: LS TB
44/48: DS TB
43-16 in TW. Currently on a 14 war win streak
Obsessed with the game and want a community that shares your passion? Want to be competitive, but have fun doing it? Galactic Hunters is the place for you. We are part of the Secluded Empire alliance. They are at the helm at 180 mil and we have a training academy capturing players in their first 6 months. We have guides, experts, and a very active player base.
Some of our favorite moments:
  • Our rancor officer launches it each day with some ridiculous comment
  • Our TW officer does a write up after TW mocking and celebrating our participation
  • We once had a member go on a date and get yelled at by his date for missing arena (she played too).
We're a family and love being competitive, but we also just like being together. 2 years and going strong. Only up from here.
About us:
  • Heroic Rancor: 20:00 GMT+1, Simmed
  • HAAT: 20:30 GMT +1, With a 24 Hr join period
  • HERIOC Sith Raid: We alternate between European and US time zones (19 GMT +1 and 8 PM PST) on weekdays and run at 18 GMT +1 on weekends.
This is a brief summary, but we have our requirements clearly documented in our discord. They are all reasonable, but we like to have it documented so the requirements are clear. We are all looking to have fun, but we want you to help us grow.
At least 2m GP
  • 600 tickets a day
  • Discord
  • TB: We are looking for full participation (attempt combat and deploy)
  • TW: Strong participation, must sign up.
We can talk in more detail about requirements if you are interested. In particular, we are looking for strong rosters that can help us in TW and TB since we have HSTR on farm.
  • Zaraos: Guild Leader of all Secluded Empire Guilds (Thrawn#8384)
  • Mudd (me): GH Overseer (Mudd#6195)
  • Celimas: Head of TW (Celimas#4900)
We have many more officers on our team but these are the main ones.
Contact us:
Feel free to reach out to any of officers. Zaraos will be available during European hours while Celimas and I can be reached during US hours.

You can also reach us on our recruitment server:
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