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So now that Territory Wars have been out a while and general teams and strategies are agreed upon, I didn’t think it would be too crazy to show my hand, so-to-speak. TW is my favorite game mode since it’s release, and I’ve prioritized my farming for TW defense. The idea is to keep building better well known META defenses and then move other teams to offense and better defensive teams replace them.

So I currently have 8 very strong TW defensive teams and 8 strong/creative TW offensive teams. I’m currently farming KOTOR toons for Revan, and about a month away from unlocking Traya. The last photo shows my Top-15 “favorite” characters, so you can take a guess as to my short-term goals.

Tell me what you think!



  • Waqui
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    Using Thrawn for defense, really hurts your offense. Thrawn is simply too good to leave on defense.
  • Swap FOX and FOTP.

    Rex lead is too good to be on defence (apart from maybe when the clones mega bonus is in place).

    They’re a little low on gear, perhaps, but I’d be putting that ewok team on defence rather than offence.

    That Sith defence team (Zaul lead) can be a real pest on defence.

    As Waqui said, Thrawn on defence is a waste - especially in that squad.
  • Finn lead on Def is a waste, AI doesn't use them well. Better on Off.
    your zMaul team is nice, could be a pain on def, esp if the opponent uses a close rated team.
    EP team better on Off, esp with Thrawn on it.
  • Swap srp with wampa on your rex team and use it for offence.

    You could swap GK out for old Ben on your bastila team, leaving you GK/Zarriss as an offensive team.
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