Who would you recommend for arena

Hi everyone just wondered if you could help me im not quite sure on who to use in arena. My swgoh.gg is


  • Waqui
    6643 posts Member
    JTR has so many counters, but she's probably still your best bet. Either your current team or zBastilla lead, GMY, Ezra, GK and Thrawn.
  • Lio
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    I agree with Waqui. Looking at your inventory, I think you have the best setup. I used to run the same team as you but with CLS instead of GK. I guess you might try that out since you have a maxed out CLS.

    I guess you could also try Jedis. You already zeta'd your Bastila and can try her out. But Jedis aren't too strong in arena unless they have Jolee. At least that's true with Bastilla-lead teams I encounter.

  • Thanks you two i will be sure to try them out
  • Try CLS R2 Han Thrawn JTR
  • Will do thank you
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