Bounty Hunter Prestigious quest bug for IG-88

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I am really getting the run around with the EA help center so I’m posting this here. On 1/25 I completed the special mission in DSTB using bounty hunters and IG -88 was in my squad. I did not get credit in the “ mortally wound” portion of the presigious quest. You need to win 12 battles using IG-88. After the completion of the TB I am at 5/12 so I will need two more TBs to complete it, not one. This is ridiculous. The special mission is a “battle” just as the combat mission is a battle.

My case has been forwarded to about 5 different people and no one has a clue what I’m talking about. They just say “if you completed it you will get the reward”.

Has anyone had a similar problem and gotten credit for the win by using the help center? If it’s a bug can’t someone fix this so it doesn’t affect others?


  • Yeah this has been a bug for a while, it doesn’t count if you use him in the special mission.
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    You should report this to Answers HQ, or add to a post there if there is one.

    EAHelp is less likely to be able to help with an issue like this.
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