Also asking if I am ready for Yoda, and character advice

Hello all,

I am lvl 52 and would like to get yoda. Unfortunately, Bastilla is not even 2* so that won't happen. Currently have 5* Ezra, 4* Kanan, 5* JC, and am getting Old ben but am unsure about my fifth. I would really like to get yoda.
Should I get Luminara (4 shards), Barriss (5shards), or Mace windu (40 shards)? Mace is the easiest to get but it seems people say he is currently a dead end, Barriss will take me the longest but I should be able to get her to 5* in time.

Any advice is appreciated.


  • At lower levels Mace can actually make the fight much easier with his chance to expose and knock off a big chunk of Yoda's health. Not saying he's the best choice but he does have very small uses.
  • You need Mace and his capital ship for the enhancement droids challenge in fleet. The more gear you put on Mace, the faster the Endurance becomes. It's not the most important fleet challenge and you can probably make do with tier 2 without ever running out of droids, but you'll be using Mace for a long time to come. Whereas Luminara will become pretty useless at higher levels, and even Barriss is inferior to Jolee as a healer.
  • Once you have 7* & G7/level 80, you'll be able to 7* no problem.

    Focus on Bastila as the replacement leader eventually.
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