Order 66 41st Division! 215m GP 4PM EST/9PM BST

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Order 66 41st Division
Well over 220m GP when at full strength.

Order 66 41st Division looking for highly competitive players who are focused on crushing TW opponents. 45 stars ls tb. 48 stars ds tb. Seeking players with at least 4.1m GP and willing to work on TW squads and toons. Lower GP accepted if you have all TW required toons and factions.

All raids on farm since the very beginning.

Winning TW record. Can compete with the best guilds in the game.

We will help you crush your Grand Arena opponents!

Creative solutions to get more guild members top ten Sith Raid rewards.

No drama, highly organized.

International membership with EU and Americas friendly raid times.

Weekday raids are at 4pm EST / 9pm BST. Weekend Sith is 10am EST / 3pm BST.

Part of a 4 guild alliance, Order 66. All guilds are competitive with experienced and veteran players.

We use Line app for communication, but have a discord server available for bot spamming.

Currently able to accept a small group of committed players.

My Line ID is inquilabi786
or hit me up on discord: Inquilabi#3466
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