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We are an independent active UK based guild looking two players.
Our guildname: Echo Base Squadron
Currently we have 48 players and 95mil GP

We have a mix of players with different experience (mostly level 85 tho) but we are helping each other grow as individual players and together as a guild.

What we are looking for:
- Level 85 (minimum required to join)
- Over 1 Mil GP (this is open to discussion)
- Have JTR, CLS or Revan
- If you don't have any of them, willing to collect them.
- Take part in all the guild events every day
- Get your 600 daily tokens collected every day
- Join our Discord server
- Have (or willing to create) an profile
- If you won't be able to play for a couple of days, tell the officers. We have a special discord channel for #holidays

We offer:
- Regular HPIT and HAAT Raids with a 24 hour join period, starting at 21.00 UK time
- Regular Sith at tier 6
- Players that will help each other with advice and donations
- Two advisers (independent from the guild) who not only help plot out guild strategy but also advise players on team and mod setups
- An active Discord server including guild rules and channels for team- and modsetups
- Weekly cleanups on inactive players including:
- > Cleanups of players that don't participate on guild events
- > Warning/cleanup system for players who can do the daily 600 tokens, but won't (we have an minimum of 400 tokens each day)

We use in-game chat but prefer discord
Take a look at our swgoh profile:

Drop me a line if you want more information.
My allycode is: 693-852-446
Discord: nabucco#0893

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