What Happened to my Revan Shards?!?

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The second run of Revan’s Ancient Journey began last night and we had quite the turn out. An unexpected number of players hopped into the event the second it went live and unlocked Revan. When those players immediately geared up Jedi Knight Revan for Arena, the number of gear upgrades occurring simultaneously overloaded the server for a short time and the Ancient Journey event did not distribute all of the character shard rewards.

After our initial investigation, approximately 500 players did not receive all their Revan shards for completing the event. We are continuing to investigate this bug to ensure we catch all players who are missing Revan shards. Today, we are working on a server fix to send the missing shards and we hope to have this ready to deploy by tomorrow morning but we will post when we have a time for the fix to go live.
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