Revan Shards Update

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Hi folks,

We are working to deploy several version fixes today to address the following issues:
  • Missing Revan Shards/Rewards from Event - We are planning to deploy the fix this afternoon that will send players their missing Revan shards and tier rewards. We want to make sure we capture what everyone is missing correctly and not sprint to get a rough fix out which could cause more issues but we also understand that you want to play with the character you earned as soon as possible. I'll post more info on this when it goes live.
  • Revan Event Portraits - This fix will send players who were missing the reward portraits from completing each tier of Revan's Ancient Journey. (Don't forget to take a look at your Profile and see what portraits you earned! You may have retroactively earned some from completing Legendary events when we launched the feature last title update.)

EDIT: Server Update is complete. Only Revan shards distributed
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