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I'm fairly new with this game. Just played 2 months ago and currently I'm in level 73. From my observation regarding capital ships, seems each capital ship is better run with their side. Such as Tarkin is better run with dark side ships and Ackbar with light side ships. But seems Mace can work with both sides. I just observe the challenges and arena battles whenever im facing mace capital ship, the line up is mixed between light and dark and they are pretty hard to beat. Tarkin with light side ships are just no synergy at all as it was my line up for a bit....just wanted to know from more experienced player here whether my observation is correct? Thanks heaps


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    Tarkin, Ackbar, and Thrawn have faction synergy built in to their capital ships that Mace doesn't really have because there are so few good Galactic Republic ships. The old ship meta was an Empire target lock team with Biggs because there aren't any good Empire tanks. But now, the best tanks in the game aside from Biggs do not match with any capital ship. Hounds Tooth & Sun Fac can be paired with any capital ship to good effect. Light side and dark side are not generally important to fleets unless you're running Han's Falcon. The only time they come into play is when you're upgrading capital ships.
  • Because Lando's falcon is a scoundrel. Will it be a good synergy with ackbar?
  • Scoundrel ships don't have faction synergy with any capital ship so just use is with whatever you like.

    While there are some faction synergies among ships, they are generally not as crucial as in squad play so you'll see a lot of mashup fleets based more on ship ability synergy than faction synergy. Classic Biggs, Tie, Vader lineup for example is all about the target lock mechanics of the ships involved.
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    Skies439 wrote: »
    Because Lando's falcon is a scoundrel. Will it be a good synergy with ackbar?

    Lando's Falcon is a good 3rd/4th reinforcement under any capital ship - not because it's scoundrel but because of his reinforcement ability.
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    There isn't a solid play style+ship combination for the Republic that can support the Endurance at this stage. In addition, if you see the ship abillity description, Ackbar, Thrawn and Moff's ships get huge bonuses from their passives and it doubles. They also have bonuses to their other Special abillities as well.
  • Anakin made Endurance the high end meta for a hot minute. Until Han's Falcon dropped.
    Still not a he.
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