My experience with revan event

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Hi this isn’t a show off post or anything like many people post when they beat revan but because I beat it with quite low powered characters this may help those who aren’t sure if they’ll be able to complete it or not.
My team consisted of the following:
Level Gear level Abilities Power
Bastila 85. 8 All omegas 15.3k
Jolee 85. 7 All Level 5. 11.2k
Zaalbar. 70. 7. All level 5. 9.5k
Mission. 70. 6. All level 4. 8.9k
T3. 70. 7. All level 3. 8.4k

All characters were modded with health mods with lots of protection etc.
The total power of my team with revan was around 76k (revan being 22k power)

The penultimate tier stage 4 where we see the sith ghost was particularly difficult for me, took me over 13 attempts to complete it, when I finally did it really was by the skin of my teeth with 1 star. The final stage however was easy.
This proves that you don’t need your characters with high level gear like so many people are using. Rather than wasting resources on these characters like many people have done, I managed to do it with a lot less which meant I had more resources left over to give to revan.


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