Started to play again since a while - it would be awesome if a Pro can take a look and help out

.. i am playing swgoh again now for round about 1 Month.. and honestly i‘m not sure if there is any talent to work with in my Gang. Ok properly there are 1-2 tough guys, but to build up a good squad my knowledge is way to low... it would be great if someone could take a look and got some wise words - which forces will team up to be the future . That’s all, have a nice day and thanks in advance


  • I got a number if needed
  • Jarvind
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    Yeah, you're not going to get any input when your post is so vague. "I am playing and doing things. Am I doing the right things?"

    You need a profile link, at the very least.
  • To help ya' we need your SWGOH account..please post it for a review
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    I think you messed up significantly. You should start again and do better. That's my guess without looking xD.
  • Ok my bad, sorry guys. Actually I created just today the swgoh and this acc and had no clue that even one person would replie to it.. thanks for that, by the way and for sure i’ll keep it more serious from now on

    Now the problem that I mentioned : If i remember correctly right after the launch of Galaxy I started to play for a while. It was fun but after a while it ended.

    Now I started to play it again and soon recognized that it has become way bigger than before. So I tried to figure out all the “new stuff”. That worked for a while but now at this point i’m stuck.

    For example, today I reached lvl 60 and got into the space ship area. For my bad I didn’t liked those pilots that much. During arena they didn’t ok but that’s it. Now I got in touch with the fact that the pilots skill lvl goes directly in the calculations for the power of space ships... that su*ks

    I really like this game and for sure will stick to it, but during it the right way..

    So i would really appreciate it if u take a look at my character and these things and after u maybe got an advice where to improve or which character will have an impact. ... ( For example I was a big fan of SavaOp the first time I played. And for me the description of this Character sounds pretty strong, but a couple days ago I saw on the internet a few people talking that SavOp got old fashioned and is way behind those new character....

    So I thought about getting a few resumes from Pro’s so that I maybe got I red line in my builds or can work on a better squad ( probably it is mess up right now J ...

    That’s my story guys, I will post a like to my acc and hope i got the correct one. ( if not please don’t be mad. U’re right right now i’m kind of a noob, but give me some time and my team will beat ur **** ... hahaha)

    Username URL

    Ally Code URL
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    Most importantly, you should do whatever is more fun for you. If you prefer collecting your favourite characters, then that's the way to go. However, if you aim at collecting a strong roster, unlocking all game modes (heroic raids etc.) and competing, then there are certain characters, that are stronger than others and some characters that are required to unlock other characters through legendary/heroic events.

    I would suggest, that you study one of the starting guides, which are found in the 'New players' subforums here.
    The general advice is to start out farming 5 Phoenix characters (usually leaving Sabine for later) to 7*, have a strong enough scoundrel team for the highest tier of credit heist available to you and then farm a team of 5 empire characters to 7*, Old Ben, Leia, Stormtrooper Han and farmboy Luke.

    Phoenix will unlock both Palpatine and Thrawn for you. Empire will unlock R2D2. R2D2 and the other ANH rebels will unlock Commander Luke Skywalker for you. From there on there are several paths to choose from to unlock other legendary/heroic characters.

    With your current roster, you should try out Vader lead, Savage and Tarkin as the core of your team and equip them with whatever mods you have with speed (speed is king in arena).

    Also take one character to rank 7 as soon as possible to gain access to heroic Rancor (or even tank) raids.

    For ships you should aim at collecting 5 dark side non-capital ships at rank 4 or more and 8 non-capital ships of any alignment at rank 5 or more. This is the milestone for gaining access to farm zeta materials.

    Good luck and have fun.
  • Thanks buddy, u got right on point the perfect answer for my struggles. Even better, u also got an clue for those questions I didn’t even wrote don’t..

    U made made day !
  • Waqui
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    Always happy to help :-)

  • Getting into raids will help you get gear and pit gets you han who with cls and r2 can take you to the top of arena, tank raid gets you gk which is great for jedi teams and sith raid gets you traya but you wont be able to find a guild for sith raid for awhile.

    If you want to go with rebels, you will need bounty hunters for chewy and ewoks for c3p0 at some point

    Easiest teams to help you stay in top arena for a new shard are most likely EP/vader or cls/han but if you unlocked b1, then you can farm b2 and magnagaurd and then unlock droideka in a week and if possible get gg if not then hk will prolly work and that team should dominate a new shard arena even at 3*

    Best info you need is best overall single characters: thrawn(can be used in any team and does amazing, gotten with phoenix), nihilist(can be used in any team for awhile and works wonders with sith tri team), nest, gk(one of the best tanks in game unless you run sith tri with sion)

    Honestly pick the team type that is most fun to you, i live sith so i gave been running sith teams for forever, vader leader and then ep leader and now traya leader and no matter themeta i have stayed in top 50 arena, so if you like sith best team is traya/nihi/sion/thrawn/(nest or fallen bast) until you get traya best is ep lead with vader add nihi/sion/thrawn as you get them, for jedi revan/gmyoda/gk/jolee/bast is best atm but until you get revan use bast lead, for rebels cls/raid han/chewy/r2/c3 is best team but wedge and biggs can replace 2 if you are missing people and wedge lead can replace cls until you get him, for resistance(new movies) jedi traing rey/normal rey/bb8/r2/resistance trooper are the best i think, droids will soon have a top tiered team with the 5 seperatist-droids, bounty hunters you want bossk leader

    pick the team with the toons you like most and focus that way for awhile and as you start getting characters capped out(based on your guilds raid ability) you will start getting several teams caught up and thats when you can change strats for arena and such most easily
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    its a little late to the long ago did you start/stop playing? if more than a few months you will be hopelessly behind in the arena and fleet shard. starting over might be less aggravating in the long run as you can reach your current level back in a month or less. if thats the route you choose, i highly recommend warriors utube on his scissorman account(wished i had such a resource when i started).
  • We have many knowledgeable people and a second guild around your power lvl if you want to join us. Ally request me 186-397-466.
    You can guild search "the infinite separatist" and join us also.
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