What do you HOPE to see from Separatist rework?

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So it’s obviously way too late for any ideas put forth to become incorporated, but I thought it would be fun to speculate about what kind of updates and kits we’d like to see with the rework and new toons.

First and foremost, I’d like to see the droids and separatists follow their lore. They were anti-galactic Republic, anti-Jedi, and the droid army also took it to the nightsisters. So I’d be very happy to see them be strong against such squads, but balanced out by being weak against others... perhaps anti-Revan, but weak against Sith/Traya, for example.

I think it would be great if all droids were immune to plague. It “makes sense” that a droid couldn’t die from infectious disease, and it would be strong enough to overcome nightsisters without convoluted kits.

As far as being anti-Jedi and anti-GR, I think something simple would also be best... and put it under Grievous’ leadership ability.

Next, I’ll post a couple kit ideas I’d be happy to see:

Grievous: Give him a killer leadership ability - “if Target is a Jedi or GR, separatist allies attack again,” while also giving bonuses to second attacks. Example 1: B1 inflicts Tenacity Down for two turns. If target already had Tenacity Down, inflict Accuracy Down for two turns. Example 2: Grievous dispels all buffs on his basic attack. If target had no buffs, this attack deals 100% more damage.

A second leadership ability idea specifically anti-Revan: “whenever a Jedi enemy is called to assist on an attack, they lose all buffs and 20% turn meter.”

Magnaguard: These were personal bodyguards, and should act as such. A spin on a traditional tank would be cool. Perhaps “any time Grievous or Dooku take Damage, Magnaguard counterattacks and inflicts Stun for one turn and Shock for two turns, which can not be prevented. Additionally, both Grievous and Dooku gain Stealth for one turn, which can not be prevented.”

B1: Should be hyper-annoying and really simple. I think it would be fun if the B1 “unit” actually consisted of three B1 battle droids. They all attack and take damage and are subjected to buffs/debuffs as a group, but as you attack them, they die off one-by-one. So initially they would have three attacks, then two, then one. I’d even consider making them a NPC. Their entire kit: “B1 battle droid assists anytime a Separatist or Droid ally attacks.”

B2: don’t change a thing. This is a great toon with a great kit that succumbed in usefulness due to power-creep. This droid can shine again given proper leadership and a supporting cast.

Droideka: These droids were feared for their shields, and this should be reflected in their kit. “Droideka starts battle with Massive Protection Up, which can not be dispelled. Droideka has +100% counter chance against Jedi and GR enemies and recovers 5% protection whenever he counters.”

Dooku: give his leadership some separatist love with a Zeta - “in addition, Separatists gain 3% offense and 3% defense for each separatist ally, Jedi enemy, and galactic republic enemy.”


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