Bastila Shan

I know that many of you already have bastila on 7* but for newer players is hard to get her shards there are just to places where to find her and I a don't have so good ships for her so I can Farm her only at dark side hard battles ,it's really hard to get her without spending ,gems/money and I would like some event of her I know it would help even the newer players .Thanks


  • Unfortunately that won't happen..... Bastilla was a marquee character, everything n active at the time got her at 3* from the event.....

    Thanks why I wish newer players had more opportunities to get marquee toons..... CG should run these marquee events on a cycle....
  • Just budget some crystals for a refresh each day and you will get there twice as fast (or half as slow). It's not too bad.
  • Darth_DeVito
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    She is already viable in the arena at 4 or 5 stars. If most people on your shard still use Phoenix, you can even send her in at 2 stars, provided you have enough Jedi for a full team.

    ETA: The same goes for Galactic War, raids with low star requirements, LS and Cantina nodes etc. Her gear and ability levels have a much bigger impact on her durability and performance.
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