Moments in time or Youtube diving, you decide lol

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I'm old. Ever so much more than 20. And my one regret in life, is I won't live long enough to watch every video on youtube. But.. I can try. Found a moment in time, that for me, and I'm fairly certain many others..that is like catching lightning in a bottle. This video, to me, is beyond explanation. Jimmy Paige, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, were once each in a group called the Yardbirds (various times). Imagine, those 3 powerhouse guitarists, in one group. Then, as life dictacted they went their seperare ways. But at some unknown juncture in their lives, they crossed pathes and well.. I give you Jimmy Paiges iconic performance of Stairway to Heaven, first a solo, then a trio as they wind on down the road..

Humor and old man, watch it, and maybe smile

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