Game Addition Request: PvP team disclosure

I would love the ability to see the makeup of the team I will be facing in PVP prior to accepting the challenge.

Currently I have no way of telling what I will be up against, and going off the Leader shown character it masks the true team makeup.

I want to be able to fight against opponents that I have a similar or decent chance of winning against or someone that has a team I have built to counter or do well against.

I know right before the first blow is struck if I am going to win or loose.
If they are full of characters that a wallet warrior has purchased and paid to max out in all skill levels and equipment then its an auto loose as you know the $$$$ vs normal will loose every time.

Let the $$$ fight the $$$

I would just like the chance to have a fair, open fight with full team disclosure so I can make an informed choice on who I pit my teams against

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