Kit Reveal: Emperor's Shuttle

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UNIT NAME: Emperor's Shuttle
CATEGORIES: Dark Side, Empire, Sith, Support
CREW: Emperor Palpatine, Royal Guard
Versatile Support that boosts Empire and Sith survivability while debuffing enemies


Basic: Aggressive Offensive


FINAL TEXT: Deal Special damage to target enemy.
Target Lock: Inflict Critical Damage Down on target enemy for 2 turns.

Special Ability 1 - Emperor's Influence (Cooldown 3)


FINAL TEXT: Dispel all debuffs from target Empire or Sith ally, then they recover 50% of their Max Health and Protection. Dispel all buffs from target enemy and inflict Buff Immunity on all Target Locked enemies for 2 turns. This ability starts on cooldown and can't be evaded.

Special (Crew) Ability 2 - Royal Escort (Cooldown 3)


FINAL TEXT: Deal Special damage to target enemy and inflict Target Lock on them for 2 turns. Then, the healthiest other Empire or Sith ally Taunts for 2 turns.

Unique - Battle-Tested Formation

FINAL TEXT: Dispel all debuffs on the Emperor's Shuttle any time it takes damage from a Target Locked enemy. Empire and Sith allies gain Protection Up (20%) for 2 turns when critically hit, doubled to 40% for Empire or Sith allies that are Taunting.

Reinforcement - Imperial Entanglement

FINAL TEXT: Enter Battle: The Emperor's Shuttle gains Protection Up (25%) and Critical Hit Immunity for 2 turns. Empire and Sith allies gain Offense Up for 2 turns. Inflict Tenacity Down on target enemy for 2 turns, which can't be evaded or resisted. The Emperor's Shuttle can use Emperor's Influence immediately.
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