Mk5 stun guns since G12 gear added

As we all know Mk 5 Stun guns are the most difficult to obtain and every character needs several hundred pieces to get to G12. Farming is terribly slow at best and getting them from Raids and events is hardly better. It seemed that shard shop was the only semi reliable way to get them. Since the G12 update for the shard shop I’ve been able to buy 1 set of 5 mk5 stun gun salvage in the last week. Was this an intentional reduction in availability? Getting G12 items is great but that ability is worthless if all your characters are stuck at gear 8-9-10 because the most difficult to acquire gear in the game is now even less available. Prior to the update it seemed that I could find some MK 5 stun guns at least once a day or every other day. Now it’s been several days and nothing. I check multiple times when I know the shop has been refreshed.


  • RNG. In that same week I've purchased half of an entire gun prototype from the shard shop.
  • Sorry bout your luck, better return the tinfoil tho, I had three in the last five offerings
  • Tinfoil? Either way with the various slots available it would be nice if CG threw us a little more of bone. I am appreciative of the G12 additions but it is incredibly frustrating to have important toons stuck at a low gear level and have plenty of shard currency saved up to by necessary stuff. On any given day 75% of the gear in the shard shop is worthless to anyone that’s been playing long enough to have access to the shard shop.
  • In other words making baseless accusations because you haven’t seen your desired gear for a week, It happens, the drop rate does not seem to have been changed this time, just like every other time there is a baseless accusation that drop rates have been cut down or items have been made scarcer .

  • Wasn’t an accusation at all. In fact it was framed as a question, and an outline of why I was questioning it. No reason to be such a troll about it. Previously it was very reliable. It hasn’t been lately.
  • Lol troll, .. I don’t think that’s word means what you think it means, But that’s ok, you can carry on good sir with your presumptive reductions and assumptions about gear showing up.
  • Are you always obstinate for the sake of being obstinate? No worries here. Was a legitimate question to ask. I can understand RNG, but it wasn’t out of the realm of possibility to assume that reducing the probabilities of one type of gear being available while increasing the probabilities of another type (all the G12) could be done in the name of balance. I’m not new to the game. I don’t complain when I don’t get zeta mats from ship challenges for a week or two and understand that sometimes spending energy farming characters might mean 2-3 refreshes (or more) with no shards or blueprints dropped. I came to the forums primarily to determine if what I was experiencing recently was happening elsewhere, because several guild members were having similar issues.
  • Darksideofme,
    Disregarding our tactless friend, I have seen and thought the exact same thing regarding Mk5 stun guns in the shard shop. My stun gun intake has dropped to half of what it was pre-G12 gear.
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