Gameplay Suggestion - Apprenticeships

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So the one thing I've always thought this game could use would be a way to individualize characters. I mean sure we have mods, but they don't create a large enough difference to really give each players holo figures a different feel.

To that end I would like to see something along the lines of: Apprenticeships.

This would basically be a scenario where each character could sign up under a school or master to gain an/some abilities/stats in exchange for giving up something else.

For example: Apprentice under the CLS school and gain 20% retribution, but lose 20 speed.

Or: The resilient school: Each point of tenacity has double effect, but each point of defense is halved.

This could be represented simply by a badge on the character (maybe with mods).

This could be represented on ships as well: Farmboy Luke School: Increased accuracy on all attacks, yet take more damage

There could also be tiers of masters/schools, which you have to unlock through quests.

In short, I think this would bring the ability to put an individual flair on one's team, and also opens more room for theorycrafting as well as some potentially fun gameplay.

So what do you all think?
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