Content Update 2/6/2019

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Hi Holotable Heroes!
Here is all the new content you’ll find after today’s update, 2/6/19.

For more info on these units, check out the kit reveals and strategy guides below:
  • B1 Battle Droid
      We wanted to clarify the order of operations for some of the interactions with B1 as we had many conversations about this kit internally. Specifically, it’s important to understand how Droid Battalion relates to several Raid characters’ abilities and their playable counterparts.
      B1’s interaction with Traya lead: When B1 takes damage from Traya's leader ability, B1 will cleanse any debuffs on itself before Traya's lead can heal her Sith allies.
      B1 Devour/Annihilate interaction: When B1 is Devoured or Annihilated, its unique will trigger, causing it to lose 8 stacks of Droid Battalion and dispel all debuffs on itself. Although B1's unique, Droid Battalion, states that B1 "can't be defeated or destroyed while they have Droid Battalion," losing stacks of Droid Battalion represents whittling down the army of B1s. As such, the Rancor's "Devour" and Darth Nihilus' "Annihilate" will trigger Droid Battalion to lose 8 stacks.
      B1 and abilities that deal damage multiple times: B1 will lose 8 stacks for each instance of damage dealt. For example, being hit with Rey (Scavenger)'s "Flurry of Blows" will remove 32 stacks and being attacked while B1 has Expose will cause it to lose 16 stacks.

    • Emperor's Command Shuttle
    • B2 Super Battle Droid

    • 4x Fleet Pack & Removal Fleet Mega Pack
    • New Characters in Weekly Shipments for Level 15 to 69 -
      • Stormtrooper Han
      • Princess Leia
      • Old Ben
      • Farmboy Luke
      • Boba Fett
      • Lando Calrissian
      • Darth Maul
      • Count Dooku
      • Darth Sidious
      • Biggs Darklighter
      • Wedge Antilles
      • Qui Gon Jinn
      • Scavenger Rey
      • Kylo Ren
      • Captain Phasma
      • Finn
      • Poe
      • Veteran Smuggler Han
      • Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca
      • Clone Wars Chewbacca
      • Ahsoka “Fulcrum” Tano
      • Darth Nihilus
        We decided that adding these characters to Weekly Shipments for players level 15 to 69 was the best option as new players may want to pick up some of their favorite Star Wars characters while SWGoH veterans may find it annoying to have a bunch of characters that they have most likely already earned diluting their chances for the unit that they really want.

    Galactic Chase - Emperor’s Shuttle
    For a limited time the EMPEROR’S SHUTTLE will be available as a bonus reward on any Fleet Battles node! Head over to the Fleet Battles holotable on February 8th and earn this iconic ship!
    • Event begins: Feb 8th

    Mechanized Menace: B1 Battle Droid
    Join forces with B1 BATTLE DROID to wage war against the Galactic Republic! Succeed and earn shards for B1!
    • Event begins: Feb 14th
    • Minimum Level: 60

    Purchase this bundle and receive 50 shards of the B2 Super Battle Droid! This Droid Tank locks down the enemy by suppressing their buffs and hastening its Separatist Droid allies.
    Bundle Includes:
    • B2 Super Battle Droid (x50)
    • Credits
    • XP Training Droids
    • Ability Mats
    • Gear
    Date available: Feb 6th
    Minimum Level requirements: 20+
    Maximum # purchases: 1

    Enhance your fleet with the 4x Fleet Data Pack and receive a combination of FOUR ship blueprint sets. Each card guarantees between 10-100 blueprints.
    Date available: Feb 6th
    1895 Crystals
    Minimum Level requirements: 60+

    Get Ship Energy to use in Fleet Battles with a Ship Energy Pack! This pack is in the Store for a very limited time!
    Dates available: February 8th - February 13th
    600 Crystals
    Minimum Level requirements: 60+
    Maximum # purchases: 1
    Edited on 2/7/19: Updated to the correct Maximum Purchase amount of 1

    Power up the B1 Battle Droid with this brand new pack! Each pack guarantees at least 5 shards for the B1 Battle Droid and may drop up to 330 SHARDS!
    Possible characters:
    • B1 Battle Droid
    Date available: Feb 14th
    1299 Crystals
    Minimum Level requirements: 60+

    Purchase this bundle and receive 30 shards of the B1 Battle Droid! This Separatist Droid Attacker is a virtual army in battle.
    Bundle Includes:
    • B1 Battle Droid (x30)
    • Credits
    • XP Training Droids
    • Ability Mats
    • Gear
    Date available: Feb 14th
    Minimum Level requirements: 60+
    Maximum # purchases: 1

    • UNIT - Units that were copy debuffs now properly copy Critical Damage Down
    • UNIT - Units that apply opposing buffs/debuffs now properly apply Critical Damage Down/Up.
    • UNIT - A bug has been fixed with a marker that identified a units turn not expiring at the end of the encounter. This will prevent Carth Onasi’s Leadership from providing extra assists in multi-round encounters.
    • SOUND - During Cantina battles, Cantina bar music will no longer play at inappropriate times.
    • UNIT - Fixed a bug where Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) would not fully dispel Offense Up when using Whirlwind.
    • LOCALIZATION - Fixed a bug where Chimaera's "Strategic Dominance" did not state that it cannot be evaded.
    • UNIT - Fixed a bug where Shoretrooper's "Target Weapons", Rangetrooper's "Take Aim", and Colonel Starck's "Debilitating Shot" and "Blizzard Four Barrage" did not trigger Biggs Darklighter's "Adrenaline Rush".
    • LOCALIZATION - Adjusted the description for the “Flawless Victory” achievement, and the description for the Veers portrait, to explicitly state that they are earned from a Territory War victory in which all enemy squads are defeated. (Previously they did not explicitly state that victory was necessary.)
    • LOCALIZATION - Updated Hermit Yoda’s “In Exile” to specify that he escapes at the start of a turn.
    • EVENT - Kylo Ren's portrait is now a first time reward in the Jakku Omega Battle Tier III.
    • GENERAL - There is now sound for the 'X' close button on the "Suggested Mods" screen
    • QUEST Fixed Tier II of the Ewok quest line, “Endor Allies”, counting Stormtroopers eliminated by anyone in your party if you had at least 1 Ewok. Please note that quest progress for Tier II (Eliminate 10 Stormtroopers) will be reset if you have not completed this tier already.

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