BB8 Roll with the punches bug

Just ran into a bug in TB where BB8 was not calling a resistence ally to assist when he attacked out of turn unless they had secret intel on them.

Note: yes I have rwtp zeta’d, and no there were no debuffs on my team so there should be no issue there. I ran Rolo, RJT, bb8, Nest, HYoda just throwing a team together completing the special mission in phase 4 because they were leftovers.


  • Syrup_Chugger3
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    Edit: I skipped where you said no debuffs, was enemy stealthed?
  • Nope no stealth.
  • Can confirm, happened to me as well. I even had two resistance toons plus bb8 and still happened. No daze, no debuffs at all. Happened twice in the same battle. I did notice that the res toons didn’t have intel and RJT first attack triggered taunt on a different enemy both times. Dunno if that plays into it.
  • Lio
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    +1 This happened to me today. It happened during one of the combat missions in the TB. All 5 resistance toons were alive, none were stunned, enemy wasn't stealthed.
  • Kyno
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